Education to Empowerment

The E2E scholarship provides full tuition, books, and fees for a recipients last year at MCC, up to $4,000 for the year. The scholarship also provides an additional $4,000 scholarship for the recipients first year at an accredited 4 year institution. The recipient must be pursuing a bachelor’s degree at a transfer university the following year.
Criteria includes:

  • Full time enrollment;
  • McHenry County resident;
  • 3.25 GPA;
  • Female student;
  • 24 credits completed & final year at MCC,
  • Transferring to a 4 year institution the following year

Education To Empowerment
Tuition, books, fees for final Fall and Spring semesters at MCC. Additional $4,000 award upon transfer to 4-year college/university (must be accredited).